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Cee Quin ~ [2017] QUIET NIGHTS (Official Music Video)


Whilst in Berlin circa 2015 Christian Newell began to make music for the first time, starting off with simple beats he progressed onto the guitar and subsequently merged the both on later occasions. QUIET NIGHTS was the first beat made. Fast forward 2 years & whilst seeking to indulge into the current young generations obsession for musical visuals it was only right for him to try his hand at making his own. Thus was QUIET NIGHTS (Official Music Video) born. A collage of nostalgic travel, desires, longing and magical requests. We find symbolic reference made to the development of Western high culture from The Ancient Egyptian cultures of Africa. The Anime 'Fist of the North Star' holds immense significance to CN as it was televised daily on Italian Television throughout his childhood.

Cee Quin ~ [2016] SILENT BLUE (Official Music Video)


SILENT BLUE addressed the topic of heart break and the strength generated as positive or negative means of coping with the fracture. Using images to summarise the presence of past loves, the creator embarks on a eventful revision of past and present decisions. Failures become success and visa versa. The spiritual blue of the ocean is deep, dark & mysterious.

Cee Quin ~ [2016] NEWELL TV• EPISODE 1 (Metamorphosis)


NEWELL TV EP.1 was an incredible breakthrough for artist Christian Newell during his time spent in hermetic seclusion during the cold Berlin winter of 2016. Having temporarily given up on painting due to not possessing the required space or time due to having to move residencies frequently, artist Christian Newell generated the idea of creating a free spirited TV channel that would intend to educate the viewers into the internal process of the work being created. Art was to come out of necessity and it was necessary to provide context rather that a simple image.

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